GreenGecko Fanfiction -- The Rending

This story was originally written in February 2004, but it never quite made it into good enough shape to post. It has canonical problems, but interestingly enough it touches tangentially on the notion of Harry as a Horcrux, despite being way too early for that notion. It also lays some important groundwork for Resonance's sub-universe, not the least of which is Harry's instinct to redeem Snape as part of getting his own life back after the final battle.

Despite its flaws, it has some great scenes, and a great Snape, and only a slightly muddied story arc. Part 1 was originally the entire story, but I couldn't leave it at that so I wrote Part 2, and despite the story flowing directly into Part 2 I decided to keep it in two pieces since Part 1 has the original ending and it is a bit much for just a chapter ending.

Only copy of story is here:

The Rending (151 Pages)

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