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This is the Harry Potter writing homepage for Marie Williams AKA Salamander AKA GreenGecko. I write General PG-13 Harry Potter Fanfiction with a definite focus on Snape, who is my favorite character. I'm having a good time delving into his motivations, background, and alternative universe redemption.

The other major character in my stories is Harry. He is a bit of a blank slate in canon, I think, which leaves a lot of room to mold him into a figure with more depth. The Harry I write is capable of mistakes, has a short temper, fierce loyalty, and overflowing heroism. I really enjoy writing him, but I don't think I'd want him as a roommate.

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Harry Potter Fan Fiction


Veiled (One-shot, August 2007) Post-Series one-shot. Warning, spoilers. Snape is dead, what happens to him next...
The Sword and the Doe (One-shot, May 2009) Alternative section for Deathly Hallows where Harry must jump into the frozen pond to retrieve the Sword of Gryffindor. What if Ron is not there to rescue him in time?
Parley a Future (One-shot, April 2007) My tribute to the end of the series.
Resonance (Novel (big novel) June 2005)
Revolution (Novel, Sequel to Resonance)
Resolution (Novel, Sequel to Revolution, WIP)
Brighter Morning (Novella February 2004)
Cold As Ash (One-shot May 2004)
Reconciliation (Novel August 2003)
The Rending (Novella February 2004)

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There are little doodles at the top of the chapters in Resonance posted here, harrypotterfanfiction, and owl. Also, you can see Snape alone or Harry alone if you wish.

For lack of a better place, I'm putting my portfolio of computer backgrounds here. They are sized for my 17" powerbook g4 (1440x900, but should work on any computer if you adjust your background config to crop rather than scale). Computer Background Photographs (personal use only please, email me if you would like to do otherwise)

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